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Let me start this post by telling you a quick story: I once created this niche site that I thought would do really well. I wanted to flex my SEO skills, and see if I could a new site ranked rather quickly I talk about how I perform outreach with sites like this at Lukeguy. The new site would solve a problem like no other in its field — I had created this site for insect identification purposes, and it would help people with identifying bugs within hours. You would upload an image and there you got your bug identified rather quickly. So now you could find out if that bug was potentially harmful within a short amount of time. I thought this helpful tool would promote itself, and would climb quickly.

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Fossilized Beetle Is Earliest Evidence of Insect Pollinator A million-year-old beetle preserved in amber alongside grains of pollen likely pollinated prehistoric plants. Aug 16, A dorsal view of the million-year-old beetle Cretoparacucujus cycadophilus. Scale bar is 1mm. For some gymnosperms called cycads, insects serve as their pollen shuttle service, and did so long before flowering plants needed bees and butterflies for pollination.

As someone who is considered an “average” cook, I have looked far and wide for meal delivery services that will help save me time and money while still ending up with a tasty meal.

See how non-designers are creating beautiful infographics with Canva’s infographic maker. Create compelling infographics for free Infographics make complex information eye catching, shareable and easily digestible. Most importantly, they play a crucial role in the increasingly visual world of marketing. Why should I create infographics? Choose from our library of professionally created templates.

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See how non-designers are creating beautiful infographics with Canva’s infographic maker.

It sure brings a lot of life to your tastes and flavors, hence this infographic to serve as a guide as you prep. Wines bring to the table a play between luxury and subtleness, the quintessential element that turns a simple jerk chicken or some well-rubbed ribs into something of quality satisfaction. However, not all factors play the same when pairing wines, a bit of skill is needed. The easy way to get your pair ups well grounded A walk through wines In three main categories, every piece of wine gets to do its magic to its worth of bbq.

Red wines are mostly more tannin loaded, have a higher alcohol content, and more strongly flavored.

This infographic shows the 28 arthropods most likely to cause you harm, and explains whether their bite or sting is medically significant. Thankfully, most bug bites and stings don’t require.

Print Share Yesterday, Kristen Stewart fell out of the con-artist comedy Focus after Will Smith replaced Ben Affleck as the male lead; according to Variety , she was nagged by “the feeling that the age difference between the two would be too large a gap. It seems like time and time again, male movie stars are allowed to age into their forties, fifties, and even sixties while the ages of their female love interests remain firmly on one side of the big , but is this a perception borne out of reality?

To find out for sure, Vulture has analyzed the data of ten middle-aged leading men and the ages of the women they’ve wooed onscreen; you’ll see the results in the charts below. How’d we arrive at our conclusions? For each of our leading men, we tried to pick a representative sample of films — usually ten — where that A-lister had a notable love interest or wife, then we plotted the age gaps on our charts over the course of that star’s career.

Because production dates for older movies can be hard to come by, we measured the stars’ ages on the day the film in question was released. The results confirmed our suspicions: As leading men age, their love interests stay the same, and even the oldest men on our list have had few romantic pairings with a woman their own age or even one out of her mid-thirties.

If our actor was sharing the screen with an A-lister of commensurate star power like Julia Roberts or Angelina Jolie, the age difference would drop somewhat, but in movies that relied solely on our guy’s big name, the lesser-known love interests would nearly always be decades younger. Scroll down to check out our findings in-depth. Perhaps that’s because Washington rarely gets to romance an actress as formidable as he is a fact of life that may owe more to Hollywood’s racial prejudices than gender inequality , because when he went toe-to-toe with Angela Bassett for Malcolm X and Whitney Houston in The Preacher’s Wife, the age differences weren’t quite as egregious.

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However, when it comes to transgender dating , flirting can be a rather challenging and confusing endeavor. This is exactly why most people are trying to communicate with trans individuals via matchmaking websites. Be Straightforward And Honest This is, by far, the most important thing you need to do in order to impress your transgender dates. So, naturally, you need to come across as an honest person right off the bat.

Even the white lies are ill-advised.

So, without further ado, here are the 7 essential dating tips that will help you flirt with hot single moms and meet people online. So, without further ado, here are the 7 essential dating tips that will help you flirt with hot single moms and meet people online. [INFOGRAPHIC] by Dorothy S. Tennant on November 30, 0 comments.

The average teen sends and receives a total of 60 texts per day on average. Heavy media multitaskers were 77 milliseconds slower reacting to changing patterns. High media multitaskers performed poorly during long term memory tests. High media multitaskers were milliseconds slower than their counterparts when switching to new activities and milliseconds slower engaging in a new section of the same activity. Very concerning for parents! Privacy and safety are the most common concerns. Parents also expressed concern over cyberbullying.

Parents are also concerned about health. The blue light devices emit can cause sleep issues. What Else Parents Can Do Even though parents are doing a great job of discussing proper online behavior, many would be shocked to learn the amount of time teens spend online daily. A study found that parents assume their child only spends three hours online each day. Teens admit parents influence their online behavior, but how can parents do so? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends:

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World in Political Map of the World – Decorative, is the second map from our historical maps series. This map depicts the world as it looked few months before the WWI, can be used to clearly understand the geopolitical situation and the time, and it is surely a work of art not to be missed. This series of world maps, inspired by a wide variety of historical maps, aims for bringing the best of traditional cartography to a more modern setting.

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An introduction to making infographics Learn more about the biggest revolution in presentations since the projector Date: Monday 2 June Times: Guardian Digital Agency Whether you’re working on a presentation, a website or teaching materials, nothing tells a complex story faster than an infographic. This introductory evening course aims to explain exactly what’s involved in creating memorable static infographics — from how to find data and tailor it to your audience, to how to create maximum impact with your design.

Led by the Guardian Digital Agency’s creative director, Tobias Sturt, and Adam Frost, head of data visualisation, the course delivers a series of lectures and a practical workshop which gives you the opportunity to get expert feedback on your work. Detailed handouts ensure this course offers long-term benefits to your communications. This course comprises the first section of the seminar Data visualisation: This course is for you if There will be a workshop in this masterclass in which participants will be asked to collaborate on creating their own visualisations before presenting back to the group.

Topics covered on the day include: The importance of good visual storytelling Designing and presenting graphs and charts to maximise their impact and memorability How to find and analyse data, and match it to the needs of your audience The evolution of data visualisation, and examples of best practice PLEASE NOTE: Although we do discuss the different visualisation software options available, this is not a software training course.

He has been working in digital storytelling for almost two decades, in all kinds of media, from web to TV to games to infographics. He has also worked on more conventional digital development projects, from website design to branding, from mobile app interfaces to print projects.

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Connecting Distinct Dots Seed Magazine: The Universe in 09 Data visualization and infographics related are powerful ways to communicate data, stats or information that most communications pros never even consider. And yet in a world increasingly saturated with data and information, they are a potent way to tell your story, break through the clutter and even persuade people to action. A heavy bank of figures is grievously wearisome to the eye, and the popular mind is as incapable of drawing any useful lessons from it as of extracting sunbeams from cucumbers.

Such content attracts links, traffic and buzz — all essential for success in a society where no one has a monopoly on attention. Most marketers are not quite there, and many attempting to create successful images forget there are two elements necessary:

When it comes to finding love the best dating sites Australia will help you meet your perfect match! Online dating is very common these days and more and more singles are using the Internet to find their soulmate or just to make new friends.

See All Industries of Fortune trust Datawatch This new collaboration with Datawatch will drive major business efficiencies, but most importantly, will help us to become a Center of Excellence globally for our customers. See how they use Datawatch Nick Beresford Head of Data Operations The ability to simply send data accessed and prepared in Datawatch directly to Watson Analytics and Cognos Analytics will enable businesses to quickly select any data source and automatically convert it into structured data for analysis.

See how they use Datawatch Andrew Besheer Vice President Only with Datawatch were we able to prepare, analyze and distribute the right clinical data at the right time to enhance the overall patient experience, improve patient safety and meet regulatory compliance requirements. See how they use Datawatch Joe Paltenstein AVP, Assistant Controller The ability to quickly and easily visualize data will have a big impact on the quality of healthcare we can deliver.

Datawatch is also saving us money—we expect that the return on the technology investment will be realized in less than a month. Amy Cannady Information Specialist Monarch enables us to build and reconcile our client reports while complying with requirements. Dirk Schulze Investor Accountant We didn’t realize how much data was in the PDF’s that we were receiving until we finished our data model and had 25 columns and rows from a 9-page report.

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Are you tired of being set up on blind dates only to be disappointed, or do you work long hours and find it hard to engage in a social life? Don’t despair, finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with can take time, but if you’re interested in dating outside your race or culture, then join InterracialDating. You can now stop your search of the best dating sites and join InterracialDating.

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Learn how people look for dates around Valentine’s Day with our awesome infographic, showing how singles actually behave online.

Remind them that their infographic is essentially “1 level deep” in the sense that they don’t have to concern themselves with the work of compiling statistics, etc — just making decisions on how to efficiently present their argument and background knowledge of the text and author visually. I do so in the following way: Your infographic should incorporate all of the aspects in the first category. Your content will be the aspects of your essay content that you wish to include in this visual “summary” of your argument and approach es to the text.

The most important aspects to focus on representing visually in your infographic will be: As far as images go, you can scan in sketches or original artwork, use Creative Commons images or attributed images, use your own photographs, etc. Your knowledge of the text informed by formal, historical and cultural approaches will shape the infographic. Information about its intended audience, the history of its reception or information on its current reception inclusion in anthologies, etc is cultural.

Be sure to create a works cited page in Word listing all of your sources — it does not have to be a part of your infographic. I recommend making several sample images and ideas available online on a course website, Blackboard, etc where all students can access them and then practice manipulating them. Have students brainstorm ideas to represent, create a basic outline or mind-map and then sketch on paper.

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