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Codman was the most important Gorham designer of the famous “Martele” line. This is a one of a kind signed piece dating from This is a lovely pair of American sterling silver compotes, elegantly designed in the Art Nouveau style. The compotes are museum quality pieces, displaying subtle elements invoked with restraint and refinement in the form of gently undulating borders prettily enhanced by gracefully swirling vines, leaves and flowers.

A Gorham Sterling Silver Sauce or Gravy Ladle in the “New Tip’t” pattern, patented in and dating from shortly after. It is ” in length and the bowl is 2″ x 2″. There is a single letter monogram on the handle (see picture) and the condition is excellent.

The list consists of designers and maker’s marks that have been difficult to find in reference materials so far. When information is found it will appear with credit given to the person who provided it. Thank you, in advance, for your assistance. US silver companies such as Gorham and Tiffany often used both marks in the late ‘s.

Britain never used a standard less than Hence why British silver is sought after pre hundreds.


There is a small copper mouse applied to one side and three dimensional plants applied on a hammered surface. IN addition there is a band of Japanese sun motifs on the top of the tea caddy which is in excellent condition. Monogrammed on the handle and marked in the leaf bowl.

When they made sterling silver, or % pure silver, they marked it International Sterling. Sterling is a legally binding term. Sterling is a legally binding term. If they use the word sterling, it must be % pure silver, and not plated.

However, no one alloy has emerged to replace copper as the industry standard, and alloy development is a very active area. How can you tell if your silver is Sterling? Sterling made in the USA after approximately always has a sterling mark. It can also be tested with an acid to determine its content. This should only be done by a professional. History of Sterling Silver The process of extracting and refining silver dates from the third millennium BC, and the metal was well represented in the wealth of Mesopotamia, Babylon, Egypt, classical Greece and ancient Rome.

As fashion changed over the decades and centuries, silver has been melted and reshaped into new forms, and in times of economic crisis, for individuals and nations, it has been converted into coin. Its reflective qualities have made it an ideal material for the display of power, wealth or reverence, in palaces, cathedrals, temples and the great houses of Asia, Europe and the Americas. It was during the Renaissance that silver began to become important for display: At the same time, silver was the preferred material for the wealthiest aristocratic and merchant classes.

The social, rather than the economic, aspects of silver were taking shape. Etruscan spoons dating from BC are not unlike the ones we use today, and knives were always present at the table, but it was in 16th century Italy that forks began to replace fingers for conveying food to the mouth. Further, individual chairs replaced benches at the table. It was the beginning of table silver as we know it today.

The Language of Silver Marks

Is it Silver or is it plated? Even those who carefully examine their items are sometimes fooled by misleading markings that are often on silver plated objects to make them look like silver. In the category of silverware, one common marking you will see is International Silver Co. When they made sterling silver, or Sterling is a legally binding term.

ABOUT US AND MEMBERSHIP This is a free association between collectors and lovers of antique silver. We have two aims: to promote friendship between our members and to spread knowledge of antique silver items, their hallmarks and their workmanship techniques.

Silver Identification Guide The marks on the bottom of a piece of silver can be an indication of the age, maker, and origin of the piece. This is a list of American silver marks and solid American silver. Other lists include silver-plated wares and pewter. It will not help you to identify other silver. Four or five small pictorial marks usually indicate England as the country of origin. Queen Victoria faces left.

Queen Elizabeth faces left. Silver was stamped with a lion for London, a thistle for Edinburgh. The harp indicated the piece was made in Dublin. Glasgow silver-smiths used a fish or tree. Ornate capital letters or the fleur-de-lis were used in France. A hand indicates Antwerp, a spread eagle Germany or Russia. If a piece is not American, refer to the sources abut English or Continental silver.

If it seems to be American, this dictionary will help.

Fairfax By Durgin Gorham Sterling Silver Flatware Set Service 180 Pieces

Loading T Rare Simons Tea Ball A rare antique sterling silver tea ball by Simons of Philadelphia with a two sided jack o’lantern cut against a textured surface. Hinged lid opens back. The shape is slightly oval. Thick walls and a good strong hinge.

Dating gorham silver plate marks. Apr For Sterling Silver the items are stamped either ” or ” representing the % silver content which is the standard for Sterling Silver. An American “dog nose” spoon sold in for,

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. The chalice and paten are perfect and the case has very little wear. T is an “in memory of” inscription etched on the top side of the base. I will be listing more chalices and religious accessories, please check my other auctions.

This is a consigned auction. I am unable to offer returns on consigned items. Please look at the photos and read the entire description. The winning bidder must provide their name, shipping address and insurance preferences via email and please email a request if you would prefer to receive a Paypal invoice. Please email me a request if you would prefer to receive a Paypal invoice.

Antique Flatware Patterns

Understanding Silver Hallmarks Antique Sterling Flatware Patterns There are few things more beautiful than a piece of antique sterling flatware in excellent condition. Depending on current market conditions, antique sterling flatware can be more or less expensive due to the melt value of the silver metal. Certain patterns that are especially rare and ornate hold their value in any market.

Seller’s Description: “A remarkable and RARE Gorham Sterling Silver BIRDS NEST PATTERN with HEAD UP Pudding Spoon / Knife. First, these ads can be very useful in identifying and dating patterns as many of the ads were created for the purpose of introducing new patterns.

The prime purpose of these marks is to show that the metal of the item upon which they are stamped is of a certain level of purity. The metal is tested and marked at special offices, regulated by the government, known as assay offices. Only metal of the required standard will be marked. It is a form of consumer protection, whose origin goes back almost years. Fortunately, with the use of a single reference book, it is possible for even a complete novice to decipher the vast majority. Although there are many books on the market which can be used to help read hallmarks, the standard book of reference, used by dealers and collectors world wide is Bradbury’s Book of Hallmarks.

This pocket sized reference contains all of the marks that one is likely to encounter on a regular basis. Armed with this book, the process of reading these marks can be split into the 5 simple steps shown below. Bradbury’s book of hallmarks was last updated in by the Sheffield Assay office. It can be purchased directly from there or from any major book seller. Simply flick through the book, looking at the top of the tables of marks to remind yourself if you forget.

If you can’t see any of these 5 marks, the chances are that the item is either not British or is silverplated.

George Washington

Understanding Silver Hallmarks There are two types of silver: Silverplate is a process of coating a base metal with silver so that the end results looks like the real thing but is actually much less costly. If the item feels light in weight for its size, it may be plated. Sterling is stamped on the back with the word Sterling. It means that the silver is either pure or made of. All Sterling created in the United States after will be stamped with one of three marks:

Sterling Silver & Coin Flatware ~ Page 1 2 3 Next > > Antique Victorian / Edwardian Boxed Fish Knife & Fork Serving Set, Pierced & Engraved, Antler Handles A large antique silverplate fish serving set found in the original presentation case, dating from the later Victorian to Edwardian era, c. –

Dating gorham silver plate marks Apr Knowing what the hallmarks mean can tell you if you have an old or rare piece of Gorham sterling silver. Therefore, hallmarking is generally done before the piece goes for its final polishing. The marks or more correctly ‘stamps’ found on most jewellery these days are not Hallmarks, they are simply indicators of the purity of the metal used in the making of the jewellery. For Sterling Silver the items are stamped either ‘ ‘ or ‘. An American “dog nose” spoon sold in for , There are also differences in the construction methods and the shapes of the stems used in very early flatware pieces.

The common commonly made spoons, jewelry and small items at this time. These hallmarks are the Lion Rampant attacking facing right, to ; Lion Passant walking facing left, just like English sterling, to ; and Lion Passant facing left the final version , from to the present. It morphed from a block letter with a serif the decorative little tails on the tips of letters from to and then to the Old English Script to the present.

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We have two aims: The association carries out its activity on the internet within this website http: Its objectives are to host articles supplied by members on matters of common interest, to report links to websites related to silver and its hallmarks and to devote some pages to illustrate the most interesting pieces owned by our members Photos and a brief description will be sufficient. The page will be created by our staff:

Beautiful sterling silver butterflies set in bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings, lockets, brooches and more. Antique butterfly jewelry seems to be a very popular category for silver collectors and the prices seem to reasonable as well.

People aren’t necessarily looking only for sterling; they just want to know what they’re buying. Most of the time, you can find the answer simply by turning over the teaspoon, fish fork, ice cream saw, or cheese scoop antique flatware is that specialized. On the reverse side, you usually find an indented mark or series of marks that holds a wealth of information about the item — not only what it’s made of, but sometimes also where, when, and by whom it was made.

This applies to hollowware — such as cups, bowls, teapots, and vases — too. The first step in deciphering these marks is to learn what kinds of silver are out there. Some of the oldest American silver is coin, which contains an amount of the precious metal that was set by the U. Mint for coinage after the American Revolution: Coin made from to is composed of at least


Used as a kitchen tool for centuries, the fork was slow to make its way into common usage as an eating implement. By the 7th century, the fork was being used among royal courts in the Middle East and by the 11th century was fairly common among the wealthy merchants in the region. In the 11th century, forks were brought to Italy by a Byzantine princess upon her marriage to a future Doge chief magistrate of Venice.

When she died shortly after her wedding, it was perceived as divine punishment and helped to delay the common usage of forks in Italy for several more centuries.

Dating Coin Silver Spoons. Dating Sites In Zurich Switzerland. The Leopards head (actually a lion but in dating coin silver spoons the word for lion and leopard was the same) comes from the Royal standar Daniel & John Wellby, London A delightful and attractive silver miniature replica tankard, commemorating the th anniversary of the founding of 28 year old man dating a 35 year old woman the.

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There are some light removable surface scratches and a few very, very tiny dings. In one close-up you will see a very tiny split.

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